Hi! I’m Sam, and I run Elite Treacle Ltd. I’ve been working on a Portal mod for the past 5 years called Portal: Outside Influence (originally Destination Hostile), which has just been greenlit by Valve for release on Steam. We’re going through the process with that right now, though I’m under NDA and can’t give details (but basically, banks are kinda slow).

I’ve decided to start a proper devlog to document some things with various projects, as well as show off WIP images and other bits. I’ll still be posting things on Twitter as normal (follow me at @spam_can!) but this gives me room to do some longer form stuff. I’ve been considering doing a “Hammer Notepad” series in both text and video form – because if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s ripping off ReepBlue.

Anyway, I hope this is at least a little interesting to someone out there. Thanks!

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